Mrs R Hemley

When did you join RGS Prep? 

I joined RGS Prep in September 2021

What is your role within RGS Prep?

I am a Year 3 teacher and an RGSGI Links Co-ordinator.

What does the role of International Links Coordinator entail? 

My role involves making links and collaborative experiences for students and teachers with our international schools.

What about the role interested you to apply? 

The opportunity to find ways for students to see how although our schools are wide apart, we all share similar values. I wanted to provide students the opportunity to learn about different cultures and celebrate our similarities and differences.

Have you ever experienced working abroad and if so, where were you and what was that like for you? 

Yes, I taught in an international school in Shanghai for 4 years. I absolutely loved the opportunity to teach a range of students from different countries and cultures as well as having the opportunity to travel around Asia.

What are three goals you are working towards in this role? 

  1. Linking year groups together with a partner school.
  2. Finding fun and collaborative tasks to excite and join students together.
  3. Allowing students to celebrate the similarities and differences between our schools.

How do you communicate with our international schools?  

I send lots of emails to staff members at our international schools, as well as having Teams meetings.

What has been your favourite collaborative international event so far? 

I loved watching the students share ideas about ‘What RGS means to them’ on a shared Padlet page. The students loved seeing the ideas appear from all of our schools and seeing the shared values.

If anyone has an idea for links between our schools, what should they do?  

All ideas are welcome! Send me an email or speak to me in person.