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The School’s aim is to encourage the growth of intellectual curiosity, independence, creativity and passion for learning within a scholarly community.

Talented and respected members of staff strive to stretch each individual and to inculcate a lifelong love of learning. Each student is nurtured to find his own academic voice and draw out his innate ability in such a way as to engender academic confidence and self-esteem. The dynamic and creative teaching, supported by the modern technology used appropriately, encourages discussion, debate and extension. RGS students have the belief in themselves to be assertive and decisive but they do so with genuine warmth and without arrogance or pretension.

Our students develop equally in the aesthetic and artistic, scientific and mathematical spheres. Indeed, in recent years Oxbridge offers have been evenly split between the arts and science-based disciplines. By nurturing pride, high aspiration and flexibility – as well as confidence in coping with setbacks – in the curricular and co-curricular spheres we prepare our students to fulfil their potential academically, to challenge themselves beyond the confines of the curriculum and – through our bespoke set of Learning Habits – to have the necessary transferable skills to face the future with confidence and to flourish at university and beyond.

Respect, tolerance and understanding of others characterise daily life at the RGS and the very strong rapport between students and teachers makes for a vibrant community.

Treating each boy as an individual and providing a supportive, positive environment is at the heart of our philosophy. The boys establish lasting relationships within the year group; in addition, the house system, mentoring, and role of all senior boys as prefects ensure friendships are forged throughout the School. The outstanding pastoral care on offer from dedicated form tutors, Heads of Year, peer mentors and personal tutors, all overseen by the Deputy Head, enables the boys to thrive in a mutually supportive environment where every boy can flourish as an individual.

A sense of community is at the centre of RGS life and whole-school assemblies nurture a feeling of belonging and pride. A diverse, stimulating assembly programme provides the opportunity for collective worship and broadens the boys’ horizons while reinforcing a tolerant set of values and a strong moral compass. A carefully tailored, and regularly evaluated, tutor and PSHME programme is topical and appropriate for boys growing up in the twenty-first century.


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