In 2016 the first international RGS Guildford opened its school gates in Qatar. In partnership with a Qatari family company, we worked tirelessly to establish our first school outside the UK. Six years later, the school now has 700 pupils aged 4-16 and expects to keep growing as students progress through the school.

Our experience in Qatar was extremely valuable as we considered and opened our second and third schools in 2020 and 2021. RGS Guildford Nanjing opened in 2020 as the first of a number of schools planned with our partner in China, and RGS Guildford Dubai opened in 2021 in partnership with a UK education company. In each of these schools, we committed ourselves to supporting every aspect of their development, marketing and operation.

To take our most recent Dubai school as an example, we fully contributed to the school design process through monthly meetings with our partner for two years before opening. We also participated in the monthly strategic meetings and visited Dubai on a number of occasions with senior staff. We advised on the appointment of the Principal and Head of the Prep section of the school. The school is a great reflection of RGS Guildford and will be a partnership for decades to come.

We have recently completed a collaboration between our schools in Guildford, Qatar, Dubai and Nanjing. Over a weekend in October 2021, we joined forces to ‘Race Across the World’. This saw students, staff and their families in each school record distances travelled by fun and innovative, non-motorised transport in an attempt to travel the distances between the schools. I trust that this brochure will give you a taste of what it is like to be part of the growing RGS Guildford family of high quality, premium schools.

Bob Ukiah
Chief Executive, RGS Guildford International