RGS International Family

All our overseas schools will share the RGS Guildford ethos and are a blend of the best of RGS and the best of local culture. We are firmly committed to delivering an inspiring UK curriculum that will fully prepare students for the next stage in their lives.

We are proud to bring over 500 years of academic excellence to our international school community. We provide an outstanding British curriculum education based upon traditional values of decency and respect, supported by exceptional pastoral care and a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities.

In 2016  we took the decision to share our expertise on the international stage. We established an international school in Qatar which is thriving, and our new, world-leading school facilities in Dubai and China are now firmly established in the local communities. The link between all our overseas schools is the desire to bring our vision of education to a wider audience, so that even more young people can benefit from what we have to offer.

Our facilities are first class and our plans for the future are ambitious, which will see pupils aged 3 to 18 receive an RGS education internationally.

The sense of community and collaboration within our international schools is very much in evidence. Our schools celebrate the many nationalities of students at the school with an International Day, we hold assemblies between the schools and organise international activities and events such as our Race Across the World initiative and our International Photography competition.

For each one of our schools there is a genuine pride in, and understanding of, what makes the RGS so special as an educational environment. Our shared values and ethos are just one of the ways that despite the distance between the schools, despite the very distinctive cultural setting of each institution, and despite the range of individuals, personalities and characters in each one of our RGS family, there is a strong and consistent appreciation of what it truly means
to be part of the RGS.