What we offer you

The opportunity to run an RGS Guildford school in your region. A UK education is valued the world over, and RGS Guildford is one of the top private schools in the UK. Private UK education is a growing market throughout the world and our schools attract a large number of fee paying students.

You will benefit from the force of a 500 year old brand that stands for academic excellence and an inspirational all-round education. Our alumni attend the best universities and have fulfilling careers.

How would a partnership work for you?

  • RGS Guildford licenses its brand, educational expertise and experience to a small number of carefully selected overseas partners to set up and run international schools.
  • We work continuously with each partner and school to ensure that the education provided is a true reflection of RGS Guildford.
  • We collaborate with the local school for the benefit of all involved, ensuring our approach is tailored to meet the individual context of each school.
  • Our partnership model is flexible and will be individually tailored to reflect your circumstances. Typically, we charge an annual fee based on school income.