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A day in the life of students at RGSG Nanjing

Take a tour of the outstanding facilities of our school

Founding Principal Matt Ford talks about what makes a great school and meeting his students face to face.


In September 2020 our first school in China opened in Nanjing. This school educates students both at Junior and Senior High level and delivers the highest education standards in GCSE and A Level.

The school is located in the Jiangbei New Area of Nanjing to the West of the Yangtze River and offers a premium private school to residents of this cosmopolitan and developing city.

RGS pupils internationally will be part of a wider RGS community. As current pupils and Old Guildfordians they will be proud of their school, grateful for the skills it has taught them, and ready to face the future with confidence.

As our family of international schools expands, we are developing the collaboration between our schools in the interests of all our students. Students in RGS Guildford and Nanjing sent good luck and best wishes to one another during the development of the school ahead of its opening.

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