A welcoming, happy community where each individual feels valued and has the opportunity to flourish within a supportive, nurturing environment

RGS Values & Ethos

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The RGS values are at the heart of our family of schools. They are inherent in everything we do and are shared by our students, our staff and our wider community of Old Guildfordians and supporters.


We inherently believe in widening access and in educating local boys in a welcoming, tolerant community where each individual is valued and enjoys a deep sense of belonging.


We encourage the growth of intellectual curiosity, independence, creativity, innovation and habits of learning within a scholarly community through inspirational subject specialists who provoke and stretch the students’ minds and inculcate a lifelong love of learning.


We promote the development of self-discipline and responsibility, spirituality and a personal moral code, and cultivate an ethos where individuals approach life with humour and perspective in a community where traditional qualities of decency, politeness and humility are celebrated.


We nurture an atmosphere of mutual respect between all members of our community, and foster self-respect and self-esteem in terms of physical health, emotional maturity and personal well-being, while establishing lasting friendships in a positive, happy environment.


We develop leadership, teamwork, resilience and life skills through a diverse range of activities where all boys, regardless of their talents and attributes, are encouraged to challenge themselves, take appropriate risks and work hard to fulfil their potential.


We collaborate with others, both single-sex and co-educational partners, for mutual enrichment, and encourage a spirit of altruism and charity, a sense of perspective, and a firm belief that we can work in partnership with others to make a difference, locally and internationally.