Partnership model


The RGS Guildford BrandYou will have sole use of the RGS Guildford name, brand and licence in your territory. The brand denotes over 500 years of educational success. You will receive the ‘RGS Guildford Guidelines’.
Ongoing SupportOur key international staff will be available to you for support and advice so that, between us, we can create an excellent RGS Guildford school. If appropriate, we will participate in the governance of the school.
CollaborationYour students will be able to collaborate with RGSG students both in the UK and with other RGSG international schools. They will appreciate the wider world to become global citizens.
Buildings PlanningWe will advise you on the optimum configuration of your buildings to achieve an inspirational environment for your students.
Staffing Planning We will help and advise you on staff levels and recruitment of key personnel. We can help to train your key members of staff.
Financial Planning We will review your school budgets and provide expert advice.
Curriculum Planning We will help you plan your curriculum and extra-curricular activities in order to achieve a balanced and stimulating programme of study in a recognised UK or European examination framework.
AccreditationYou will be recognised as an accredited RGS Guildford school and we will provide a link to, and information about, your school on our website.
Policies We will share our policies on all educational and other matters with you for you to adapt to the requirements of your region.