Kidzink Design Challenge for RGSG Muscat

Posted: 7th September 2023

In May, students across RGS Guildford and RGS Prep were set the challenge to design an item of furniture or fabric design for RGSG Muscat.  This opportunity was offered by Kidzink, the interior designers and furniture manufacturers for RGSG Muscat, who previously worked on RGSG Dubai. Students were told the item or design should underscore the links between the RGSG schools around the world and include design elements that reflect both RGS Guildford’s history as well as the culture and natural beauty of Oman.

We are pleased to announce the following winners among the Prep school entries. In first place was Hugo with his unique circular pool table. Adorned with an Omani turtle, the RGS logo and the names of our other international schools, Kidzink remarked that the design conveyed a “strong sense of school spirit”. In second place was Oscar with his playground design that featured the RGS logo. Nathan came third with a surface charger unit also decorated with the RGS logo. Congratulations to our Prep school winners, it was evident that lots of thought and hard work went into these designs.

Congratulations to Malachy, who among our senior school submissions, came first. Kidzink provided the following feedback for Malachy’s table design “your design approach truly impressed me as it strikes a perfect balance between paying homage to the school’s heritage and culture of Oman while also reflecting the rich history of RGS as an organisation”. In second place was Charlie who designed a striking fabric pattern that incorporated an Omani and Guildford-inspired emblem.

The winning designs will be brought to life and installed in RGSG Muscat. Our winners will have the opportunity to see the manufacturing process, and watch their item being installed via a Teams call.

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