UAE Flag Day

Posted: 11th November 2022

UAE Flag Day is an important national occasion celebrated on November 3 every year. It is a day for reflection, remembrance of the founders of the State and embodies feelings of unity and peace, between the people of the Emirates and those residing within the UAE.

Emiratis across the UAE sing the country’s national Anthem and host the flag atop their buildings and often their houses too. It is believed that the white in the UAE flag signifies peace and neutrality and the red and black represents solidarity and mental strength. Each colour is rectangular in shape and together forms the letter ‘E’ for Emirates.

Last Thursday, RGSG Dubai held their UAE Flag Day Ceremony in which their community came together to raise the flag. Mrs AlBashir, Mrs Turnbull, and students, Ahmed and Maryam, took to the stage for readings and then it was time to raise the flag high and proud! 

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