Which School Advisor Dubai Interview

Posted: 7th October 2022

During a visit to RGSG Dubai in September 2022, Which School Advisor spoke with Dr Jon Cox, Headmaster of RGS Guildford UK, and Mrs Clare Turnbull, Principal of RGS Guildford Dubai, to hear their thoughts on the school’s first year, and find out what the future of RGSG Dubai holds.

Dr Cox and Mrs Turnbull are really pleased with how the school has progressed over the past year. The sense of community is profound, and you can “feel that [the students are] really proud to be here”. Having worked as a member of staff at the RGS, Guildford and alongside Dr Cox, Mrs Turnbull has lived and breathed the RGS values for years and years. These values have been transmitted to RGSG Dubai, with particular emphasis on creating a kind and positive community. However, Mrs Turnbull shared that they “are not trying to be ‘Little Guildford’, we aim to be contextually appropriate, to celebrate and love the fact that we’ve got 54 nationalities in the school”.

In terms of development of RGSG Dubai, Dr Cox stressed the importance of multi-scale collaboration between Heads, Teachers, and in the future more student interactions. Having experienced the wonderful Leadership programme RGSG Dubai runs for students in FS1 and above, RGS Guildford are interested in incorporated such a programme in their school.

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