Congratulations to the RGSG Nanjing Class of 2023

Posted: 20th August 2023


We are proud that the first year group of students at RGSG Nanjing have graduated with impressive success at A Level: 50% of all grades for AS and A2 were A* and A grades.

Foreign Principal, Mr Matt Ford, speaks of the success of the first graduates from the school. “Our Class of 2023 is the first to graduate from RGSG Nanjing. As with students globally, this year group faced many challenges during their A Level studies.  Their resilience and commitment to continuing their learning to the highest standard, despite these circumstances, have been key to their success.  We are delighted that they have achieved a fantastic set of A Level results, and we wish them every success on the next stage in their education, whether in the UK, the USA, in China or elsewhere.”

The accomplishments of RGSG Nanjing students are reflect the dedication that both the students and the teachers have put into their academic endeavours.  Since its establishment in 2020, RGSG Nanjing has been committed to providing an excellent British education at A Level. These results are a testament to that commitment.

Mr. Ford’s words underscore the significance of this achievement.  “As the first cohort to graduate from RGSG Nanjing, the Class of 2023 holds a unique place in the history of the school.  Their success in obtaining these A Level results not only reflects the students’ academic abilities, but also the high standard of education and the quality of teaching provided at RGSG Nanjing.”  Mr. Ford’s optimism and well wishes for the graduates as they embark on the next chapter of their educational journey, whether within China or abroad, showcase the school’s commitment to preparing students not only for academic success but also for the challenges and opportunities that lie in their future studies and careers.