Podcast: RGS Guildford and RGSG Qatar

Posted: 23rd June 2023

Join us for the inaugural podcast linking RGS Guildford and its international schools. In this first episode we are joined by two teachers in Guildford, Naishal Patel (Teacher of English and RGSGI Schools Collaboration Coordinator) and Natacha Goul-Wheeker (Teacher of Classics and Assistant Head Teaching and Learning), and two teachers in RGS Guildford Qatar, Sayed Aun Kazemi (History Coordinator and Director of Teaching and Learning) and William Chamley (Year 6 Teacher and Primary Literacy Lead).

The episode focuses on the direction of teaching and learning in both schools with topics such as our shared values, specific pedagogies and cognitive neuroscience discussed.  Staff at both schools talk about what makes the RGS such a special place and exchange ideas.

Listen here

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