RGSG Dubai & Nanjing visit RGS Guildford

Posted: 24th March 2023

A busy week for international collaboration at RGS Guildford. We were delighted to welcome two students from RGSG Nanjing alongside their Deputy Head, and 38 students and staff from RGSG Dubai. It has been wonderful to watch the students from various RGSG schools interact in lessons and learn more about each other.

The international events commenced on Saturday 18 March at Bradstone Brook where RGS Prep Year 6 boys and Year 7 RGSG Dubai students joined forces in a Football Festival. The teams worked well, displaying skill, strategy, perseverance and collaboration. At the post-match tea after the Festival the pupils got together talking about their schools and their experiences.

RGSG Dubai students had such a wonderful time with the RGS Prep boys that we decided to squeeze in a tour of the Prep School. Ex-RGS Prep staff member, from Dubai had no problem navigating the school accompanied by RGS Prep Deputy Head, Mr Moore. The students enjoyed seeing the facilities, talking to teachers and commented on how different the weather is here.

Our Nanjing visitors came to RGS Guildford on Tuesday and Wednesday where they enjoyed a tour of the school and spent time with Headmaster, Dr Cox in his office, the Chained Library. Dr Cox was thrilled with his gift of a fan that one of the students had kindly given. Several Sixth Formers from RGS Guildford gave our Nanjing students a warm welcome and showed them to their lessons including maths, physics and economics.

On Wednesday, our Dubai visitors took part in a range of team-building exercises including spaghetti and marshmallow constructions and using a variety of tools, such as poles and rope, to retrieve a bucket without entering the group circle. This proved to be popular and the Great Hall was filled with excitable discussions about the best ways to problem solve.

It was then RGSG Nanjing’s turn to visit RGS Prep. Year 3 boys were treated to a talk presented by Edison and Evelyn. They shared what life and school is like in Nanjing and taught the boys several words and a song in Mandarin! The boys were particularly impressed by the size of the facilities at RGSG Nanjing.

It has been a pleasure to have members of our international family here in Guildford. A huge thanks to the staff at all schools for coordinating so many great international events.